Teras Dental, the premium private dental care service provider is located in Izmir, on the Aegean Sea coast. Izmir, historically Smyrna, is the third most populous city in Turkey with close to 4 million inhabitants and is the country's second largest port. Dotted with idyllic fishing harbors, popular holiday villages and the remains of ancient civilizations attesting to the inheritance of more than 5.000 years of history, culture and mythology. Turkey's Aegean shores are among the loveliest landscapes in the world. Homer was born in Izmir and wrote his world renowned saga of the Illiad here about the ancient city of Troy which is only two hours away.

Izmir is a princess with her most beautiful hat…
Victor Hugo, Les Orientales

Izmir also incorporates the nearby:

  • Ephesus,
  • House of Virgin Mary,
  • Troy,
  • Pergamon,
  • Sardis and Klazomenai,
  • Centers of international tourism such as Bodrum, Kusadası, Cesme and Foca.